For Sale – 4 bed, 2.5 bath, new home Village at Wicklow – Ashford Phase

Classic Nantucket style 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3 car new construction home soon to be ready for a new family! This gorgeous open floor plan home will have hardwood floors in entry, dining, kitchen, and hallway. The gourmet kitchen will have granite counters, beautiful custom cabinetry, and new stainless steel appliances. The master bed/bath will […]

Building Your Home Wisely in 9 Steps – STEP #4

#4 Design Discussion In step #3, you interviewed Builders and/or Architects that will help you design and construct the home of your dreams, within your budget, with good communication and with respect. Now it is time to get down to business and knock out your home design. Please go into this process with an open […]

Building Your Home Wisely in 9 Steps – STEP #3

STEP #3 – LAND WITH A PLAN Because there are so many things to consider when choosing your land, and many of the decisions are based on personal preferences and situations, we highly recommend that you start a list of your own wants and needs. In addition, having a builder working with you during the process […]

Building Your Home Wisely in 9 Steps – STEP #2

STEP #2 – INTERVIEW BUILDERS and ARCHITECTS (If you missed STEP #1 – Click here to review quickly) Finding the right builder to build your home should be approached similarly to hiring someone to fill a position of employment. If you are working with an architect and builder, you must make sure they work well […]

Building Your Home Wisely In 9 Steps – STEP #1

  There is no way around it – building your dream home is a big undertaking and it will come with some challenges, but even bigger rewards. You have heard sayings like, “nothing easy is worth fighting for” or “The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory.” The […]

Trish Huelga – Our Team Player with a Heart of Gold

Trish Huelga
Photo by Christian County Headliner   Sometimes we must brag on those that do great things without expecting anything in return because, well… they won’t brag on themselves because they don’t expect anything in return. So, Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations would like to tell you a little about our own Trish Huelga who has a Heart […]

Come visit with us at the 2017 HBA Home Show

  The 2017 HBA Home Show begins January 27 and ends on the 29th. Please stop by booth G114 to visit with Sam, Michelle and others on the Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations Team. If you plan on stopping by on a specific day or time, please send us a message on Facebook (click here to […]

Checklist for Selecting Your Home Builder or Remodeler – PLUS Warning Signs

  There are many many stories of couples and individuals searching for a builder or remodeler and the focus get away from the important information that needs to be asked of your contractor and the next thing you know… trouble in paradise. Finding someone to turn your vision into a dream should be handled more […]

For Sale – 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath, 3 car, new home in Hickory Villas

  Gorgeous 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath, 3 car garage split level home located in fantastic Hickory Villas in one of Springfield’s most desirable school districts. Home greets you with a covered entryway & walks into a foyer with large open floor plan featuring gas fireplace in living area, beautiful hardwood flooring, mudroom & powder […]

For Sale – 3 bed, 2 bath, 3 car, new home in Strafford

  Gorgeous 3 bed, 2 bath, 3 car new construction home soon to be ready for a new family! This home will have wood floors in entry, dining, kitchen, and hallway. There will be an island in kitchen with granite counters, stainless microwave, dishwasher, electric cook top, and beautiful custom cabinetry! There will be a […]

Holiday Craftoration #2 – Cylinder of Joy

The Cylinder of Joy is a fun craft and a beautiful center piece for your kitchen table, highlight for your coffee table or the focus of your mantel. What makes this such a great project is that you can use your imagination and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Searching for objects around your home […]

Holiday Craftoration #1 – Burlap Stocking

  The holiday season is a perfect time to create moments with your children by teaching them how to decorate for the holidays. Take this a step further and help them create simple decorations – it just might become a holiday tradition. We have a few hand crafted decorations that will not break the bank and your […]

If you could go back one hour

As you go through this Daylight Savings weekend, think about what you would do if you could go back just one hour. This is the one time of year that you can “technically” go back in time. What are you going to do with that extra hour? Here are our top 7 suggestions: Spend a little […]

Cold Air Coming Soon! Do I Open or Close my Crawl-Space Vents?

Summer vents open & winter vents closed, right? Or is it… closed all the time? Based on a little research, the answer could be yes to either of the above. You ask, “how is that possible? There has to be a simple answer to this simple question.” There are three main areas to investigate when it […]

Get Out and Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

  Get out and enjoy your backyard living space! Fall is the perfect time and temperature to huddle around a fire pit, barbecue or or toss the football around the backyard with your family. This is where memories are created that will last a lifetime. Parents, we know how easy it is to sit inside […]

HBA Home Remodeling Show 2016 – Come Visit with Us

  Make plans on October 7th through the 9th to stop in and visit with us at the 2016 HBA Home Remodeling Show. We will be there all three days with photos of completed project and excited to discuss your plans for your remodeling or building project. Show Hours: Friday, October 7 – 1pm – […]

Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

“Fire death rate in homes with working smoke alarms is 51% less than the rate for homes without this protection,” says American Red Cross. This means that having a smoke alarm could cut your chances of dying in a fire in half.* Get a jump on the 2016 Fire Safety week by checking your smoke […]

French Country – Rural yet Refined

  The French Country style design arose from rustic manors found in the fields of both northern and southern France. Many describe it as a combination of modest farmhouse and estate-like chateaus or rural yet refined. The rustic and comfortable French Country style usually includes two stories of rustic arches, soft lines, high pitched roofs of various heights, […]

Homeowners American Flag Etiquette

  You have accomplished the American Dream of homeownership or plan to someday soon. Because we live in a country where homeownership is a possibility, consider display your pride in America by displaying Old Glory in your home and outside your home. Before you do, take a moment and learn some simple flag etiquette. If […]

Football Season is Upon Us – Where do you watch and what’s your favorite team?

NFL Football is watched on TV by 60% of the people surveyed, 68% male and 52% female, according to TV by Numbers. On average there are approximately 1,852,000 viewers watching College Football on TV, according to the College Football Foundation. Last year SEC fans set a record with 7,784,376 fans. Let us know your […]

What is a Transitional Style Home?

  Many describe the transitional style home as a marriage or meshing of traditional and contemporary, which makes it versatile, timeless and simply elegant. As the word itself indicates, the style is a transition allowing the classic look to be given a little zest or fresh look. Houzz describes it as, a sophisticated look hitting […]

Back to School – Aging Workforce – Consider Construction

  If you are under 24 years old and heading back to school, construction might be something to consider as a lucrative career. With the industry facing labor shortages and aging workforce, many companies across the United States are experimenting with different techniques to recruit youth into the construction industry. It is no longer the […]

11 Tools for New Homeowners – Master

Chapter 3 Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into three categories (Basic, Equipped or Master Homeowner). This week we cover the “Master Homeowner.” If you are a seasoned homeowner, please share your knowledge with […]

11 Tools for New Homeowners – Equipped

Chapter 2 Last week we covered the must have tools for the “Basic Homeowner” and this week we take a step up to the “Equipped Homeowner.” Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into […]

11 Tools for New Homeowners – Basic

Chapter 1 Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional for anything beyond basic maintenance. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into three categories (Basic, Equipped or Master Homeowner). We will cover the Basic Homeowner this week followed by the Equipped and […]

Hot Home Summer Tips – Blinds Direction?

  “Should my horizontal blinds direct the light up to the ceiling or down to the floor?” This might seem like an insignificant question, but  based on a little research, this household argument ranks with, “toilet seat up or down” and “toilet paper roll top or bottom.” The good news is that this dispute can […]

Housing Preferences Across Generations

  NAHB recently released its latest study tracking the evolution of home buyer preferences, titled Housing Preferences of the Boomer Generation: How They Compare to Other Home Buyers. The study answers key questions on how various designs influence the home purchase decision as well as the location, features and size of the home consumers want. Findings […]

Independence Day & Home Ownership

At the heart of the American Dream is independence. The foundation of our great nation, and its military, has served to ensure that Americans can own land, build a house and call it home. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable […]

Parade Home Photos – Less than a week before the Parade

The HBA Parade of Homes starts this Friday, June 17-21 & 24-26. Click here to securely purchase tickets and use MillstonePH16 as the DISCOUNT CODE  to receive $1 off each ticket. Below are a few more photos, but the best are yet to come as these photos were taken before completion. Keep checking back on our website and […]

Our HBA Parade Home Details & Discounted Tickets

The HBA Parade of Homes is June 17-21 & 24-26 and we have information and a DISCOUNT CODE  to help you enjoy this event more fully. Click here to securely purchase tickets and use MillstonePH16 as the DISCOUNT CODE  to receive $1 off each ticket. We highly recommend getting the free Parade Craze App for your phones (Android or iPhone) […]

Parade Home Progress – Less than 3 Weeks Away

  Everything is moving right along with our 2016 HBA Parade Home. Fixtures are up and the finishing touches are in process. With less than three weeks remaining before the opening day of the HBA Parade of Homes, we are on target to have everything in place and ready for visitors to enjoy our Parade […]

School is Out – Now What? I’m Bored…

School is out and along with vacations, BBQs and other fun activities there comes boredom and whining about having nothing to do. We will not go into all the chores that we had to do when we were kids because that might come off sounding like we are the whiners. Remember that chores are not as much […]

What is the average cost to build a custom home?

  So, what is the average cost to build a custom home? Some estimate between $80 and $250 per square foot, but even with that wide of a range, it is not an answer we are comfortable with. Why is this such a difficult question that nobody can agree? This is one of the most […]

HBA Parade Home 2016 – Progress

  Our 2016 Parade Home is making great progress with a little over one and half months before opening day. The HBA Parade of Homes will be displaying a number of quality homes June 17 -19 & 24-26 and we are excited to be a part of this event again this year. Millstone Custom Homes & […]

Botany Brief – do you know these terms?

Before you begin landscaping and planting around your home it is best to know some basic botany terms. Do you know what type of structure is shown above? Can you name the species? Go to our Facebook page for answers. Botany – The science of plants. A branch of biology dealing with plant life. Annual […]

What is a Craftsman Style Home?

  The Craftsman style of home was born out of the arts and crafts movement after the industrial revolution. As everything began to look like it was made by machines, some wanted to go against the grain and back to a craftsman or handmade appearance. Most find that a Craftsman style home is a combination […]

April Fools Advice on Finding Your Home Builder or Remodeler

You want your home built fast and cheap, so why go by a proven process for the biggest purchase you will ever make?* If the builder/remodeler has been in business for less than a year…  GO FOR IT! They are probably going to give you a great deal and the experience they receive will really […]

Landscape Planning – Ozark Plateau Planting Season

  Before you begin your landscaping this Spring, below are a few tips and facts that will help your Spring plant planning process. We will have a few additional landscaping tips as Spring gets into full bloom. Number One Plan is to Plan Drive around and get inspiration from other homes, sketch out how you […]

Mudrooms are a Must for Most

  Spring, Winter, Fall or Summer, a mudroom is a must for most families. You might have kids that like to ride motorcycles, play football or just like to get dirty. Maybe you garden, your job is a bit messy or you just like to get a little mud on the tires. A mudroom is […]

Understanding the Lingo – Keys to Communication

  If your child is having a surgery you will most likely search the internet and learn as much about the procedure as possible. The key to understanding what the doctor is saying is to know the terms so you can communicate intelligently. The same goes when you are building or remodeling a home. Some […]

Clean Dryer – Stop, Drop & Crawl

  While Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations enjoys building and remodeling your dream home, we also want to make sure that your dreams do not go up in smoke. If your home does catch fire, don’t forget the safety of your families are more valuable than your homes. This is one in a series of […]

Spring Fever – Time to Love Your Home

  The photo you see is the actual gutter of someone we know, who will remain nameless to avoid embarrassment. Below are a few tips when you start feeling Spring Fever warming up your veins. Do you think cleaning your gutters will be in this list somewhere? Faucet check! A good way to check to […]

Simple Concrete Driveway Maintenance

  Even though we have had a mild winter in the Springfield, MO area, your concrete driveway could use some attention. Here’s some SIMPLE tips on maintaining your driveway. NO SALT OR DEICERS Avoid using salt or deicing chemicals on your driveway. Not only is this hard on your driveway, but it is hard on […]

Sam Clifton – Certified Green Professional

  What is a Certified Green Professional? In short, a Certified Green Professional (CGP) is an earned designations that identifies Sam Clifton as a professional who incorporates energy efficient and green building principles into homes— without driving up the cost of construction. If you are building a new home or remodeling, a Certified Green Professional […]

5 Tips for Visiting the HBA Home Show

  Great tips for visiting the HBA Home Show at the Springfield EXPO Center (January 29-31, 2016) #1 – Visit Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations. That should be #1 for everyone:-) #2 – Plan ahead and set objectives. The more time and effort you put in, the more you will get out. Take notes.  Use […]

Finding & Hiring Your Builder or Remodeler

Use this checklist to help you select a home builder or home remodeler to work on or build your home: Make sure the builder or home remodeler has a permanent business location. Find out how long they have been in the building business. It usually takes three to five years to establish a financially sound business. You […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

  You could come up with the same lose weight, stop smoking or eat healthy New Year’s Resolutions, but how about some simple resolutions for your home? By-the-way, we highly recommend those personal goals as well. Question Your Property Tax Assessment – You can save money if the value of your home has declined in […]

Secure Home for the Holidays

  Christmas is the most wonderful time of year – don’t let it be wonderful for thieves. Before we wish you a Merry Christmas, we want to share a few tips to keep your home and valuables safe for the holidays. First, predators seek weaknesses whether it is a lion looking for a meal or […]

Closet Layout – Plan Ahead

  If you are building a new home or remodeling your closet space there are a few things to consider before jumping in head first. List of Closet Items – Make a list of everything you think will be going in your closet so that you can plan your layout. Will you need a hamper […]

Closet Space Ideas – 5 Simple Tips

  When most people think of a closet, they think of a place to cram in clothes, shoes and anything else that will fit and you only enter when you have to. If you are stuck with a closet, we have some pointers for you and if you are building a new home we have […]

HVAC, Attic Leaks & Insulation – Winterization Part 3

  Increase positive airflow, reduce the draft, seal areas where water can enter your home and fluff up your insulation for winter. Quick tips to prepare your home for winter. HVAC It is best to replace filters every quarter (3 months) to allow maximum airflow. Enough dust can build up in three to four months […]

Chimney Balloon, Faucets, Dead Patches – Winterization Part 2

  If you cleaned out your gutters, fertilized your lawn and caulked your window trim last week, then you are ready for Part 2 of Home Winterization – Facing the Cold Before it Hits. Let’s jump right in and cover your chimney – almost literally. Chimney Heat Loss If you are not using  your fireplace, […]

Home Winterization – Facing the Cold Before it Hits – Part 1

  When faced with the task of preparing your home for winter the list becomes so long that most people hide under the covers and pretend it will all work itself out. Or, like some homeowners, you might not even be aware that a home needs extra winterization care. Eventually, what you don’t take care […]

Bag it, Pile it, Mulch it, or Leave your Leaves

  Fall leaves are spectacular when they light up next to a beautiful sunset this time of year. Fallen leaves on a cool wet morning are a completely different sight to see. If you are a research based decision maker, you will love this brief article. If you just like to be told which method […]

Prepare Your Fireplace for the Cozy Season

  There is a reason the National Fire Prevention Week is the first week of October. Fireplaces will soon be lit and other methods of keeping you nice and cozy could possibly ignite an unwanted fire. Think ahead and prepare your fireplace to be used at any moment once October begins. Although most fireplace inspections […]

Windows vs. Weather – Choosing the Right Windows

  Selecting the correct window is important for energy efficiency, as well as comfort, and your specific climate is a major variable to consider. A window that keeps out the heat in the summer may not keep out the cold in the winter and visa versa. If you are building a new home, remodeling or […]


  The first thing you do when you walk into a room is “turn on the light,” yet only about 1 percent of the cost of average construction goes into lighting. It is best to spend time discussing lighting thoroughly with your builder or lighting designer when building a new home or renovating. It will […]


What lurks behind the walls and under the floors of your basement? Probably nothing “horror movie creepy,” but there are some basement maintenance tips that can make a difference in how your basement performs all year long. Regardless of the season, the more time you spend in your basement the easier it is to recognize […]

Wall, Ceilings, Baseboards & Trim

What does a dryer sheet, a slice of bread and nylon stockings have to do with walls, ceilings and baseboards? Your walls are often the forgotten areas of your home when it comes to care and maintenance. Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations has a few tips and tricks that can help them retain their beauty […]

Exterior Doors

Your entry door must be durable enough to endure the dirt, rain, wind, sun, snow or a potential intruder while also remaining a constant focal point of beauty. Wood, Fiberglass or Steel, combined with glass, are typically the materials used for an exterior door. When building a custom home you will likely choose a wooden […]

Wood Floor

Because of advances over the last few years, you now can have wood flooring anywhere in your home or business. However, where you want it installed will determine the types and finishes of wood flooring you should use. Consult your home builder or wood flooring supplier to learn about what type of wood flooring fits […]

Showers and Tubs

Bathrooms are one of the most beautiful and relaxing areas of your home. From the functional aspect, properly designed and installed showers and tub enclosures are water tight and durable. There are a variety of fixtures and finishes combined with either ceramic tile, synthetic material, or fiberglass that requires much planning and design to make […]

Stairs, Banisters and Railings

The beautiful wood stairs, banisters and railings in your home might be stained or painted. They might also be some type of ornamental metal that attaches to your floor or to your wall. Whatever the material, these surfaces require a little care and maintenance and possibly a little repainting or touching up too. Some of […]

Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Countertops like granite, marble and travertine are beautiful and durable. At Millstone Homes we encourage the use of natural stone for aesthetics as well as functionality and we recommend they receive love and attention. Dust regularly and clean with stone soap and warm water or a neutral cleaner. It is best to not […]


  Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations believes cabinetry is one very important aspect of a quality home. So much so that they have their own cabinetry shop to ensure quality control and allows customers to inspect the cabinets before they are ever installed. More on cabinetry click here. Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations – Welcome […]

Brief History of Cabinetry Evolution

It is believed by many that cabinets were first created as an enhancement to chests, which were originally made for sitting. Raising the height of the chest and adding font entry rather than top entry made it easier to access without bending down. In its most simple and practical form, cabinets are box-shapped pieces of […]

Cabinetry Tip – Heat and Moisture

Designing and constructing cabinetry that fits your style and need is extremely important and would appear to be the biggest challenge. But, once you have everything in place there are some simple things to do that can extend their life and beauty. Moisture and Heat are the invisible enemies of your cabinets whether they reside […]

Parade from the Past – What Year was this HBA Parade Home?

  We will be posting a few of our HBA Parade Homes from the past this week for you to tour from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. If you have enjoyed the HBA Parade of Homes in the past you might have a good guess on when you think this home was […]

Parades from the Past – What Year was this HBA Parade Home?

  We will be posting a few of our HBA Parade Homes from the past over the next week for you to tour from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. If you have enjoyed the HBA Parade of Homes in the past please give us your best guess on when you think each […]

WOW! What a weekend we had at our Parade Home!

We had a blast answering questions,showing the home, and speaking to everyone. Thank you all for coming out ! Just a reminder, this upcoming weekend will be the last weekend for the parade. This Friday, Saturday, Sunday , the parade hours are 1-6 pm. There will be a shuttle at the bottom of the drive […]