11 Tools for New Homeowners – Basic

Chapter 1

Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional for anything beyond basic maintenance. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into three categories (Basic, Equipped or Master Homeowner). We will cover the Basic Homeowner this week followed by the Equipped and Master Homeowners.

There are additional tools that one might find more necessary, based on skill set or needs. If you are a seasoned homeowner, please share your knowledge with a comment on our Facebook page.


FLASHLIGHTS– A basic flashlight is a necessity, but an adjustable headlamp reduces the frustration for many tasks. Homeowners can never have too many flashlights. There are some really interesting flashlights that allow for hands free working.


HAMMERS – It is a no-brainer that a new homeowner needs a hammer, but homeowners should consider getting a rubber mallet as well. Study your hammer needs because not all hammers are the same. They differ in weight, size and design which can determine their use.


DRILL – A battery powered drill is one of the best inventions for homeowners. You might need a corded drill for more power at times, but battery powered drills have plenty of torque and lasting power to tackle most jobs. Don’t go really cheap with your drill purchase. Most the time the frustration and life of a cheap drill does not pay off in the short or long run. Don’t forget to get multiple bits from phillips head to flat head to drilling bits and be safe.


LADDER – Research your ladder needs. There are multi-task ladders, that can get pricey or you can get a 8 or 10 foot ladder that can cover most home needs. A sturdy step stool ladder (2 or 3 steps) is highly recommended. There is always something just out of reach. Be sure and study ladder safety.


FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Different types of fires require different extinguishers, so you will really need more than one. Learn what extinguishers work best to put out grease fires vs. electrical fires and how to best utilize these tools. As a side note, install good smoke alarms and nothing is more important than lives.


See Six (6) More Tools – Equipped and Master Homeowner tools to be posted in August.