11 Tools for New Homeowners – Equipped

Chapter 2

Last week we covered the must have tools for the “Basic Homeowner” and this week we take a step up to the “Equipped Homeowner.” Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into three categories (Basic, Equipped or Master Homeowner).

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CIRCULAR SAW – Some would argue whether a jigsaw should be purchased before a circular saw because it is less intimidating and appears less dangerous. It honestly comes down to cutting needs and comfort level. Circular saws cut straight lines more accurately and quickly. They are an incredible tool when used correctly. Please study safety and keep your cord and hands away from the blade.


JIG SAW – This tool is great for homeowners when cutting curves is needed. Because it is less intimidating than most saws, it might be a good way to experiment. Even though the jig saw appears to be more safe, it comes down to tool safety. Carelessness with tools and lack of respect for their power leads to danger. Please study jig saw safety.


SHOPVAC – The shopvac could probably fall back into the “Basic Homeowner” category, but for the most part, a shopvac becomes more valuable the longer one has been in their home and as saws become a part of home maintenance/modifications.


NOTE: We did not include screw drivers and pliers in this list because they are tools already owned by most homeowners and non-homeowners alike. They are obviously “must have tools.”


See the first four tools for the Basic Homeowner.

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