11 Tools for New Homeowners – Master

Chapter 3

Each homeowner differs in knowledge, ability and desire to maintain their home and homeowners should always consider hiring a professional. For simplicity sake, we have segmented the homeowners into three categories (Basic, Equipped or Master Homeowner). This week we cover the “Master Homeowner.”

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RECIPROCATING SAW – This tool is probably one of the most unknown to new homeowners, but possibly one of the most useful for small and large tasks. The reciprocating saw is great for tight or awkward areas where circular saws and jig saws will not go. There are small reciprocating saws or larger saws that go beyond the typical homeowner’s needs.


OSCILLATING MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL – Much like the reciprocating saw, there could be arguments for placing the oscillating multi tool into the hands of a basic or equipt homeowner because of its versatility. You can do basic carpentry, tile repair, cut back baseboards, cut nails, and much more with this tool and many believe them to be more safe than other cutting tools. Once again, please study safety of this tool.


IMPACT DRIVER – It looks like a drill and to most new homeowners there is no need for an impact driver. So what is the difference? The impact driver is designed specifically for “Driving Screws,” which it does more easily and faster than other tools. Most have 2-3 times more torque than a drill. The typical impact driver does not a chuck, but instead a collet that fits hex-shanked driver bits. If you have a need for driving a lot of screws or lots of long or large screws, this tools is a must.


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