Brief History of Cabinetry Evolution

It is believed by many that cabinets were first created as an enhancement to chests, which were originally made for sitting. Raising the height of the chest and adding font entry rather than top entry made it easier to access without bending down.

In its most simple and practical form, cabinets are box-shapped pieces of furniture used for storage of various items. In the early days the main purpose for cabinets were to store papers, but over the years cabinets have evolved to contain cooking utensils, clothing, bath supplies and every home has their “junk drawer” for items that should reside in the Land of the Misfits.

Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations believes cabinetry is one very important aspect of a quality home. So much so that they have their own cabinetry shop to ensure quality control and allows customers to inspect the cabinets before they are ever installed.

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Historical Fact: Fine furniture in America before 1650 was rare and most could not afford it and would make do with simple and practical pieces. The arts and craft movement in the middle 19th century is believed to be the fire that lit the market for traditional cabinet making.