Cabinetry Tip – Heat and Moisture

Designing and constructing cabinetry that fits your style and need is extremely important and would appear to be the biggest challenge. But, once you have everything in place there are some simple things to do that can extend their life and beauty.

Moisture and Heat are the invisible enemies of your cabinets whether they reside in your kitchen or bath. Below are a few tips that may seem obvious, but are often overlooked or forgotten:

  • Do not leave damp cloths, sponges, or wet containers on surfaces or shelves.
  • Avoid placing heat and steam-producing appliance in locations where they will affect nearby cabinet surfaces.
  • Do not open your dishwasher repeatedly when it is steaming, and do not use electric coffee makers and teapots directly under upper cabinets.
  • Laminated-covered cabinet doors and shelves are subject to moisture intrusion at seams that can cause them to separate.

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