Closet Layout – Plan Ahead


If you are building a new home or remodeling your closet space there are a few things to consider before jumping in head first.

List of Closet Items – Make a list of everything you think will be going in your closet so that you can plan your layout. Will you need a hamper for laundry? Will you need multiple hampers? Is there anything unusual that needs a special place? Do you want secret compartments? Will you need a place for storage containers? Do you want to rotate your out-of-season clothing to the top shelf? When you think you have everything, plan for a little more.

Walk-in or Reach-In – Many walk-in closets today are utilize as a dressing room for the master bedroom while reach-in closes are typically found in hallways or children’s rooms. Odds are, you have already considered whether you need a walk-in or a reach-in closet. If not, your list of items should give you a clue of which direction to go. It is recommended that you discuss your closet layout and design with your builder or remodeler when making this decision. There are advantages to both, but necessity and budget will often dictates your final closet space.

Places to sit – One aspect that is often overlooked is a place to sit in your closet or outside your closet. If you are planning a walk-in closet, an island storage bench with a compartment under the seat is a nice touch. If you will have a reach-in closet, allow enough space right outside your closet for a bench or storage bench. Be sure to plan a place for everything or your bench will become a stacking pile for misfit items.

Limited Mobility – Plan for existing mobility issues and if you will be staying in your home into your seasoned years – you need to plan ahead. This also helps in resale value of your home. Some simple suggestions would be to make your lower drawer access easy with touch latches or finger pulls as well as self-closing drawers. Pull down or revolving clothing rods are helpful and don’t forget to allow easy access to your shoes. You might consider a pull out shelf for your shoes? There are many things to consider for aging in place or mobility concerns that your experienced builder or remodeler can guide you through.

When planning for your closet there an abundance of things to consider like, space for small items (keys, wallet, receipts etc.), storing items with allergy concerns in plastic containers, lighting, flare, doors and more. Your builder, remodeler or closet specialist can always help you with the details. Check out our other post about closet organization as well as our a list of Millstone Tips on our website at #MillstoneTips







Closet Space Ideas – 5 Simple Tips


When most people think of a closet, they think of a place to cram in clothes, shoes and anything else that will fit and you only enter when you have to. If you are stuck with a closet, we have some pointers for you and if you are building a new home we have ideas that will help you determine your closet layout.

This week we will cover five simple tips for organizing your existing closet space. If you need more tips be sure to ask your home builder or remodeler.

1  Pegboard hanging area

Pegboards are not just for the garage. A simple pegboard is very versatile and can be used to hang jewelry, belts, hand mirror and much more. Assess what you could hang and how it could be organized. Make your area a little larger than you think you need because other ideas may hit you later. Be creative and decorate the pegboard with your personal touch.

2  Seasonal clothes switch out

When it starts getting cold, begin stowing away your shorts and short sleeves in storage boxes. Canvas boxes with a label holder are a nice touch, but you might prefer clear plastic so you can see what’s inside. When the warmer days start to trickle in your swap out begins again.

3  Cut down on clutter quarterly

The true key to keeping your closet organization is to purge every quarter. If you wait too long it becomes a bigger chore and something you dread. Make it a family event and donate unused items to charity.

4  Organize by color and categories

While you are purging your closet is a great time to organize your clothes by color or categories. Organizing from light clothes to dark clothes makes it easy to find articles quickly and it looks nice. Along with color coordination you organize by type. Dress clothes separate from you jeans, casual, yard and play clothes.

5  Hang boots and bulky shoes on the wall

There are metal shoe racks that can be mounted to your wall or door where you can hang your boots upside down. If you have limited space in your closet this simple technique will free up floor space and reduce frustration.

Millstone Custom Homes has their own cabinet shop and can create custom shelves and organization to your closet space.


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Next week, look for basic tips on the layout for your closet in your new custom home or remodel.