Clean Dryer – Stop, Drop & Crawl


While Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations enjoys building and remodeling your dream home, we also want to make sure that your dreams do not go up in smoke. If your home does catch fire, don’t forget the safety of your families are more valuable than your homes. This is one in a series of Fire Safety Tips that we will have for you over the next few months. We’ll focus on fire prevention as well as a family fire escape plan in each post.

Fire Hazard – Clothes Dryer

An often overlooked fire hazard is your clothes dryer. If you really think about it, your dryer is a large spinning heating machine that collects lint and pieces of paper while pushing the exhaust out through a narrow pipe. If not properly cleaned and maintained this combination can lead to a deadly fire.

  • Be sure to clean your lint filter/screen before each load. If any link has gathered around the drum it must be removed as well.
  • Never run your dryer without a lint filter/screen.
  • Check your exhaust vent pipe and exterior flap for any restrictions. No kinks in the pipe, lint buildup or other blockage.
  • Never leave your dryer running when leaving the house or going to bed.
  • It is always best to have a professional install your dryer and ventilation as well as performing regular inspections. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and correct electrical outlets.

Family Safety Tip – STOP, DROP & CRAWL

Everyone has heard the old saying “Stop, Drop and Roll.” This is an excellent technique for extinguishing a fire that is on you, but STOP, DROP AND CRAWL is a great way to exit a home that is on fire. If your hear a smoke alarm or there are signs of smoke, getting low is the best way to escape because smoke rises. Usually it is not the fire that stops people from escaping a burning home, but instead it is smoke filled lungs. Another saying that might stick is GET LOW and GO. Have your entire family practice this technique to see how long it take you to find the exit. Make it fun for the little ones as it might one day save their life.

Obviously, proper installation, placement and maintenance of smoke alarms are NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for a homeowner. Consult with your home builder on proper installation and placement of smoke alarms.

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