Exterior Doors

Your entry door must be durable enough to endure the dirt, rain, wind, sun, snow or a potential intruder while also remaining a constant focal point of beauty.

Wood, Fiberglass or Steel, combined with glass, are typically the materials used for an exterior door. When building a custom home you will likely choose a wooden front door to create an inviting look and feel. Deciding between mahogany or white oak or other types of wood will be another post all of its own. For now, we will be providing a few tips on how to keep your exterior door beautiful to retain its aesthetic appeal, market value and energy efficiency.

  • For wood doors, its finish is of upmost importance since the finish protects the wood. Regularly inspect for cracks in the finish or peeling paint. If the raised wood grain begins to feel rough and dry or if you see a whitish haze or dark streaks in the wood under the clear finish, your finish is starting to deteriorate. Sanding or cleaning along with a reapplication of paint or stain is needed for any of the above situations. Contacting your home builder or a professional is recommended.
  • Regardless of the material used for your door – inspect the condition and function of your doors, frame, hardware and weather seals on a regular basis. Leaks can not only harm the door itself and impact your utility bill, but it can also negatively impact the interior and structure of your home.
  • Always inspect your doors during and after major storms, especially storms with high winds. Weatherstripping, sealants and thresholds should keep your doors air-tight and guard your interior from the elements.
  • Moisture on your door for extended periods of time will damage your doors. Avoid direct contact from sprinklers and using a hose to spray off your door is not recommended.
  • Gently clean your doors with a mild household cleaner. Abrasive materials and chemicals can harm the finish and hardware.

To extend the life, functionality and appeal of your exterior doors you must inspect and maintain regularly. Ask your builder for advice on extending the life of your doors.

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