Football Season is Upon Us – Where do you watch and what’s your favorite team?

NFL Football is watched on TV by 60% of the people surveyed, 68% male and 52% female, according to TV by Numbers.

On average there are approximately 1,852,000 viewers watching College Football on TV, according to the College Football Foundation.

Last year SEC fans set a record with 7,784,376 fans.

Let us know your favorite team and where Collegiate or NFL football is watched in your home. Comment on Facebook using the list below as a guide. In the case of multiple selections, place them in order of most often to least often.

a) I watch in my “man cave” or  “she shed”

b) I watch in my living room

c) I watch in my bedroom

d) I watch at a sports bar

e) I watch live at the stadium

f) I watch watch on my phone or tablet

g) Other

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