French Country – Rural yet Refined


The French Country style design arose from rustic manors found in the fields of both northern and southern France. Many describe it as a combination of modest farmhouse and estate-like chateaus or rural yet refined. The rustic and comfortable French Country style usually includes two stories of rustic arches, soft lines, high pitched roofs of various heights, with stucco and brick exterior.

The interior often consists of wood beams, plaster walls and stone floors. Some of the exterior designs are asymmetrical with ornamental attributes, or multiple roof elements, while others are more square and symmetrical with a balance of windows to the left and right of the entrance.

Other features of a French Country home might include decorative shutters, arched windows with accenting keystones, round towers and entryways, or copper-top bay windows to create style and elegance. As with most home designs, there are many variations and as time passes by styles begin to intermix. Some styles intermix well, while others… not so well.

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See our gallery for more photos.



See our gallery for more photos.