Holiday Craftoration #2 – Cylinder of Joy

The Cylinder of Joy is a fun craft and a beautiful center piece for your kitchen table, highlight for your coffee table or the focus of your mantel.

What makes this such a great project is that you can use your imagination and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Searching for objects around your home or neighborhood to paint silver, gold, red or whatever colors you like, is the most fun part of this craft.

Below are the recommended items, but don’t limit your creation to the things you see here. For example, you can use large acorns instead of buckeyes or other objects around the house that are roundish like ping pong balls or golfballs.

#2 Cylinder of Joy

Step 1:

Gather items around your home or neighborhood that you can paint and some to be left in their natural state.


Step 2:

If you don’t already have spray paint you can find inexpensive cans of paint at your local hardware or discount store. We recommend metallic gold and silver spray paint as the main colors, but the color choices are up to you.


Step 3:

Aluminum foil balls create a nice texture that gives your creation a little extra punch. Rip off a sheet of aluminum foil that is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches (depending on how big you want you spheres to be). Slowly crunch the foil into a ball and then roll between two hands as tight as you can to smooth out the edges (wear gloves if you have sensitive hands). You might need to roll it against a hard surface like a table, but be careful not to push down too hard. The best thing about aluminum foil is it that you don’t have to paint them silver.


Step 4:

Find a well ventilated area to paint your items and layout newspaper or plastic to keep the paint from over spraying onto something important. Paint the items you wish to place in your glass cylinder. Be patient and spray two light coats and if you want a little extra shimmer, add some sliver or gold glitter to a few of your painted items. Place in a well ventilated area to dry and air out – you definitely want them to air out before placing in your home.


Step 5:

Place object in however you like. The more random the better, but sometimes random ends up having too many items of the same shape or color grouped in one area. If it doesn’t look just right, take the object out and rearrange until you get it just the way you like. And that’s all there is to it, except finding the perfect place for it to shine in your home.  Enjoy creating this craftoration with your husband, wife, children or parents. That’s how holiday memories are made – with family.

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