Home Winterization – Facing the Cold Before it Hits – Part 1


When faced with the task of preparing your home for winter the list becomes so long that most people hide under the covers and pretend it will all work itself out. Or, like some homeowners, you might not even be aware that a home needs extra winterization care. Eventually, what you don’t take care of will cost you in comfort and the pocket book.

Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations will be providing a series of simple tips to help you prepare your home for winter. If you tackle a few each week you will be well prepared for the cold.


Start with outside preparation because once the temperature drops you will find it harder to talk yourself into dealing with things out in the cold.

  • Clean out your gutters and drains and install a leaf guard. If you already have a leaf guard this task is much less taxing. Backed up gutters can create many problems once water begins to freeze. The biggest issue that can arise is ice build up, or ice dams, that causes water to drain back into your home.
  • Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help your grass green up earlier and be nice a plush in the spring. Seek advice from a lawn-care specialist to determine what fertilizer and how much for your type of grass. This is a simple project that pays off in the form of a beautiful spring lawn.
  • Caulk both sides of your trim around your windows and any cracks that might let the cold air in. While you have the caulking gun out, you might look for cracks in your foundation and do some caulking around the inside of your windows as well. Sealing your windows will reduce draft and your utility bill.

BONUS Drain fuel from lawnmowers and other gas powered machines that will not be used over the winter. A fuel preservative is an alternative for some machines, but be sure to do your research and follow instructions.

Peek into next week – Chimney balloon, faucets, repair dead patches.

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