Hot Home Summer Tips – Blinds Direction?


“Should my horizontal blinds direct the light up to the ceiling or down to the floor?”

This might seem like an insignificant question, but  based on a little research, this household argument ranks with, “toilet seat up or down” and “toilet paper roll top or bottom.” The good news is that this dispute can be settled with simple facts.

It is a fact that directing your blinds so the light reflects to your ceiling will result in less heating and could lower your utility bill in the summer. In addition, blinds arranged in this direction reduces the ability to see into your home which adds to privacy and security. Of course, in the winter time, you might want to utilize the heating from the sun and reverse your blinds, so the sun can heat your floors, but your privacy will be reduced.

Another tip for reducing heat transfer is to position your blinds as close to your window as possible and to use a highly reflective material and/or color.

If your spouse prefers it one way and you the other, maybe you can agree to turn them up only when the temperature is over 90º or alternate every other day or week. In the end, it truly comes down to your personal preference. If your spouse is in need of light to help battle depression it might be cheaper to pay a little extra on the cooling bill versus counseling or medication. Or, maybe it would be best to “turn a blind eye” and pick a different battle.

Other quick tips to reduce summer utilities:

  • Awnings to shade your home
  • Trees to shade your home
  • Reflective film for windows
  • Install energy efficient windows
  • Clean A/C filters
  • Clean A/C unit
  • Set your A/C up 2-4 degree higher when away – programmable thermostat is best.
  • Have your unit checked by a quality insured home professional.

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