Landscape Planning – Ozark Plateau Planting Season


Before you begin your landscaping this Spring, below are a few tips and facts that will help your Spring plant planning process. We will have a few additional landscaping tips as Spring gets into full bloom.

Number One Plan is to Plan

Drive around and get inspiration from other homes, sketch out how you would like your yard to look or higher a professional for advice. If you are a first time landscaper there are a lot variables to consider, so don’t put the shovel in the ground until you have a plan.

Ozark Plateau Planting Seasons

Even though the sun may be out for a week, plant blooming and temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s, that does not mean it is safe to begin planting. Know your climate and when it is safe. According to the University of Missouri Extension, Greene County, as well as all counties in the Ozark Plateau, should use the “North Planting Dates.” Higher elevation extends the winter season and chance for a devastating frost in the Ozark Plateau. (Click to see the University of Missouri Extension Planting Season Map and Chart)

Plant Times Vary

After you determine what planting zone you are in, research the recommended planting times for the vegetation you what to plant. An example is that most trees are best planted in the fall. That doesn’t mean you can’t plant in the Spring, but it might not grow as quickly. Most plants have a tag with plant time recommendation, but it is best to ask your local professional for advice on what season your plants should go in the ground.

Plants Expand

Look at the height and growth information on the tags or ask a specialist. Plan for more growth than expected. It is difficult to imagine how full a bush or tree will get and if you don’t add some padding into the equation, your yard can quickly turn into a forest.

Compliment vs Contrast

It is good to think of your landscaping as either complimenting or contrasting your home exterior and physical features. In addition to what colors your plants bloom you need to think about the color are their leaves in Spring, Summer and Fall. Color is not only factor, shape and size can either compliment or contrast the architecture as well.
For many, your yard is your sanctuary so think all the factors through first and have fun with it. We look forward to providing a few more landscaping and planting tips soon.

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