New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


You could come up with the same lose weight, stop smoking or eat healthy New Year’s Resolutions, but how about some simple resolutions for your home? By-the-way, we highly recommend those personal goals as well.

Question Your Property Tax Assessment – You can save money if the value of your home has declined in the past few years. Review your property tax and if it seems excessive, request a hearing date.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality – Replace your filters, watch what you burn in your fireplace, ventilate bathrooms and kitchen outside of your home – not into the attic, and consider a good portable air filtration system. Just a few ideas to get started.

Make Extra Mortgage Payments – Extra payments can shorten the time it takes to pay off your home. Would you pay an extra $50-$70 a month if it could cut five years off your payment? If you can’t pay more, at least pay on time so you could strengthen your credit score.

Reduce Energy Usage – Fixing, sealing, insulating or replacing your ductwork can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Not only could it reduce your energy cost and lengthen the life of your furnace or air conditioner, but it will make your home more comfortable.

Budget for Improvements – Creating a budget can help reduce overspending. US census estimates that homeowners spend more than $3,000 annually on home repair and improvements. To start, try saving up 1% of your home’s initial value (eg. $2,000 for a $200,000 home).

De-Clutter – There are lots of solutions for organizing your home. See some tips from our previous posts. Start with small individual de-cluttering goals to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the big picture. Maybe add shelves up high in your garage for storage or organize your closet.

Homeowner Insurance Discounts – If you have made major repairs or improvements to your home last year, you might be eligible for discounts or a lower coverage rate for this year.

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