Building Process

At Millstone, our goal is to make building your new home a joyful experience that results in a quality-crafted custom home that exceeds your expectations. We genuinely enjoy the building process. Building a new home doesn’t have to be stressful or aggravating. It all begins with good planning, a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and a shared vision for building your ultimate dream home.

Where Do We Begin?

Review of Architectural Plans and Building Site

We have many options in regards to architectural plans. Whether you provide them or we do, it all starts with a review of your plans and build site.

The Bid Process

At Millstone, we work with clients on a personal, individualized basis. This means we offer flexibility and tailor the bid process to meet your needs. During our initial meeting, we will discuss the merits of all available options. Our goal is for you to be totally confident and comfortable in our relationship as partners in the building of your new home.

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