School is Out – Now What? I’m Bored…

School is out and along with vacations, BBQs and other fun activities there comes boredom and whining about having nothing to do. We will not go into all the chores that we had to do when we were kids because that might come off sounding like we are the whiners.

Remember that chores are not as much about having a little minion to do all your house work as it is teaching your children responsibility and good work ethic. It is good for everyone to get their hands dirty every once in awhile.

Quick Tips:

  1. Start simple and work your way up on amount of chores.
  2. Be patient and increase your expectations slowly over time.
  3. Remember that it will not kill them even though they might act like it is.
  4. The #1 reward is room and board, meals, activities, clothes and being a part of the family.
  5. If you want to reward them with a payment you might consider doing so when they have exceeded your expectations – Bonus? There are many thoughts and techniques regarding reward. As long as they are doing their job, you’re doing yours.


House Cleaning:

Little Kids   Clean a few windows and mirrors once a week on a set day.

Big Kids – Clean all the windows and mirrors once a week.

Little Kids – Take out one trash can to the trash on a set day.

Big Kids – Take out all the trash.



Little Kids – Pick up sticks and objects in the yard before mowing. A wagon is a great way to collect objects for the little ones.

Big Kids – Mow once a week, weather permitting. Be sure to teach them all the safety precautions and walk with them a few times first.

Little Kids – Pull weeds in a small area.

Big Kids – Pull weeds in a larger area.


More House Cleaning:

Little Kids – Pick up things on the floor, drinking glasses or trash in rooms. Have them organize one area of a room

Big Kids – Clean toilets and tubs once a week on a set day. Vacuum once a week on a set day and keep one room organized.

Fixing Meals:

Little Kids – Teach them how to add ingredients, set timers and be the “done” checkers. They can also rinse the dishes that are not breakable. Safety first!

Big Kids – Teach them how to prepare a full simple meals under adult supervision. There are tons of simple recipes found online. If not a full meal have them peal and mash potatoes or load the dishwasher.

Once you have made it through PHASE 3 you can add your own chores like folding laundry while watching a movie or eventually having them do a full load of laundry. If you are already having your children do chores like these… nice job!