Secure Home for the Holidays


Christmas is the most wonderful time of year – don’t let it be wonderful for thieves. Before we wish you a Merry Christmas, we want to share a few tips to keep your home and valuables safe for the holidays.

First, predators seek weaknesses whether it is a lion looking for a meal or a thief looking to burglarize your home. Take a moment and walk around the outside of your home and see where you could enter unseen.

  • Do not post on social media where you are going for the holidays. If you have photos of your family gathering in Florida, wait until you return to share them with the world. If you are afraid you will forget or the feeling of the moment will be lost, most social media allows you to create a post and schedule it to go out at a later date.
  • Hide the presents! As beautiful as it may look from the street, a Christmas tree in the window with presents underneath is an invitation to a burglar. If you must place your Christmas tree in the window, hide your presents until Christmas morning.
  • Make it look and sound like someone is home. Use timers for your lights to turn off and on and if you have a spare radio or television, have them go off and on as well. There are remotes available for your smartphone that can allow you to turn items off and on as well. Set your radio to a talk show and not music. A thief might hear the voices and think someone is home. Have your neighbor remove any newspapers or flyers hanging on your door that might indicate that you are not home.
  • Do not create a “look what we got for Christmas” pile next to your trash can. Break down the boxes of new game systems, TVs, stereo systems or rip up that jewelry store bag. Slowly add them to your trash can over a three week time-span if possible.
  • Simply fortify your home. Install quality bolt locks and use longer screws than what is supplied for your lock strikes plates & hinges. Apply security stickers to your windows and, of course, we recommend installing a security system with a secondary security on all windows – especially those most vulnerable on the ground floor. There are inexpensive wireless devices for windows that can be used as a second line of defense. Contact a quality insured home security professional like those found through the HBA of Greater Springfield or ask your home builder who they would recommend for home security.

Have a great Christmas and help those in need, but don’t let them help themselves to what’s in your home without an invitation.

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