5 Tips for Visiting the HBA Home Show


Great tips for visiting the HBA Home Show at the Springfield EXPO Center (January 29-31, 2016)

#1 – Visit Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations. That should be #1 for everyone:-)

#2 – Plan ahead and set objectives. The more time and effort you put in, the more you will get out.

  • Take notes.  Use your phone, tablet or take a pad and pen to jot down notes. Most phones have a memo app where you can record voice notes.
  • View the vendor list and map online before you attend (HBASpringfield.com). Once at the HBA Home Show, grab a magazine containing the vendor list and map in the center section.
  • Develop a plan and checklist of which exhibitors you want to visit. Organize your list as “must visit” and “want to visit.”
  • Know what information you would like from each exhibitor. Research exhibitors to find out how they differ based on what’s most important to you. Prepare intelligent questions.
  • Make appointments with exhibitors you really want to meet with. Vendors appreciate knowing when a serious visitor has arrived.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Walking shows can be tiring. Try insoles for extra comfort.

#3 – Give yourself enough time. Time will get away from you and you will not have achieved half of what you set out to do by the end of the day.

  • Decide how much time to spend at the show and at each booth. Allow extra time for browsing, distractions and waiting for a booth to clear out that is on your “must visit” list.
  • Allow enough time for unscheduled conversations as well as planned meetings. Even when you plan ahead, something will likely pull you away unexpectedly.

#4 – Be open to ideas. In many situations, when needing innovation, it’s the idea not considered that offers the best solution.

  • Attend Live Presentations (Seminars). Take advantage of these free educational opportunities. Don’t go into them with an attitude of, “I already know about that, done it, been there.” If you can get one take-away from the presentation, then consider it a victory and odds are you will take-away more than one idea.
  • Listen to the vendors even though you feel like you have heard if before. Much like Live Presentations, there is usually a gem in every conversation if you keep your mind open.
  • Take a good look around and try to avoid tunnel vision. Plan for your plan to be derailed by something you may not have considered looking into.

#5 – Pull it together after the show.

  • After the show is over, be sure to keep in touch with your contacts and connect to their social media.
  • Organize your notes and materials. File away brochures, magazines and other materials as well as your notes. You may think you will remember a company name or concept, but time has a way of deteriorating memory.
  • Thank the HBA of Greater Springfield by posting your positive experience on social media. #HBAGSHomeShow

Reminder – don’t forget the #1 tip!