Simple Concrete Driveway Maintenance


Even though we have had a mild winter in the Springfield, MO area, your concrete driveway could use some attention.

Here’s some SIMPLE tips on maintaining your driveway.


Avoid using salt or deicing chemicals on your driveway. Not only is this hard on your driveway, but it is hard on any vegetation nearby. These chemicals will eat into your driveway and speed up deterioration. It is best to use sand on icy spots for traction, plus when the sun hits the sand, it will heat up and weaken the ice, making it easier to shovel. To remove snow, use a plastic snow shovel or snow blower with blades on high. Metal shovels will damage your surface.


Don’t change your oil or do anything that can result in a chemical spill on your driveway. If it is unavoidable, have kitty litter or sawdust immediately available to absorb the oil or chemical. Once it is absorbed, scrub with soap and water. If soap and water do not work, there are commercial products available at most hardware or automotive stores.


Power washing your drive with a pressure washer four to six times a year will do the trick. Highly recommended immediately after winter. This will remove harmful chemicals and debris that can damage your driveway. Consult a professional before using a power washer. Too much pressure can damage the surface.


Protect and preserve your driveway with a concrete sealer every four to five years. This will help water and debris from getting into the porous surface, which in turn can delay weathering and extend the life of your driveway.


Shifting of the ground can create cracks, that if left alone, will enlarge from annual freezing and thawing. Most hardware stores carry concrete patching kits for small crack repair.

As with most home maintenance and repair, if you think it is too much for you, or you have questions, call a Home Professional.

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