Stairs, Banisters and Railings

The beautiful wood stairs, banisters and railings in your home might be stained or painted. They might also be some type of ornamental metal that attaches to your floor or to your wall. Whatever the material, these surfaces require a little care and maintenance and possibly a little repainting or touching up too. Some of this might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked until it deteriorates so badly that you must hire a professional to make the repairs.

  • Regularly investigate the full banister and railing to make sure they are secure.
    – There should not be any wobble or anything loose.
    – Examine where it attaches to your wall and floor to ensure all hardware is in place and tight.
  • Clean painted surfaces with water and mild cleanser like dish soap.
  • Repaint or restain railing and banisters as routine maintenance to enhance the look of your home.

Not only will regular maintenance keep your Banisters and Railing looking like new, but it will also keep it safe for your family.

At Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations we love beautifully designed, unique and well constructed stairs, banisters and railings.

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