Client Testimonials

Taking care of our clients is our highest priority. We build with pride, high standards, and an attention to detail that makes every Millstone home exceptional.

Sam was very organized, reliable, and considerate of our time. He kept us on schedule and most importantly, on budget. Sam and Michele were both wonderful to work with. Our home is designed and built just like we wanted it.

Dr. Dominic and Diane Meldi

We found Sam to be very easy to work with during the construction of our home. Although we were in Memphis throughout most of this process, Sam consulted with us frequently and kept us fully updated.

Wade & Christy Stinson, P.E.

Working with Sam Clifton has been a true pleasure. He is professional, personable, and has wonderful attention to detail. Sam has made the homebuilding process an enjoyable experience.

Dr. Shawn and Michelle Jackson

During the construction phase of our house, Sam was very good to give us guidance in the selection of the materials and fixtures as well as adequate lead times for selecting these items. Sam was always readily available and supportive throughout the entire construction process.

Phil & Norma Jones

If you’re looking for a builder that goes above and beyond, Sam Clifton is the guy! And with his wife, Michelle, who helped us with the interior design, we got the whole package! Absolutely outstanding! Not only are they qualified and knowledgeable, Sam and Michelle went to great lengths to make sure that we were more than happy with our new home. How could we not be? We got everything we dreamed of!

Dr. Gary & Norma Smalley

We cannot say enough about the honesty and integrity of Sam and his building code of ethics. He has stood behind every product and crew that came into our home and that is worth more than anything to us.

Joby & Vickie Windmiller