Trish Huelga – Our Team Player with a Heart of Gold

Trish Huelga

Photo by Christian County Headliner


Sometimes we must brag on those that do great things without expecting anything in return because, well… they won’t brag on themselves because they don’t expect anything in return. So, Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations would like to tell you a little about our own Trish Huelga who has a Heart of Gold and great volunteer spirit, in addition to being an integral part of the Millstone Team.

Although we would likely need to dig back into Trish’s childhood to find the true beginning of here compassionate nature, we will begin with how she assisted with S&R, Damage Assessments and Recovery for the Joplin tornado in 2011. This is where her passion began for Pet and Animal Recovery as she wanted to know how lost and injured pets would be cared for if a tornado were to hit Christian County.

The generic Standard Operational Procedures, that were in place, were not enough for Trish – so her journey began.

Phil Amtower, Christian County EMA Director, said that after Congress enacted the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standard Act, they were all charged with coming up with plans and procedures. Of course, Trish agreed to lead this new venture. Phil goes on to say that in additional to Trish putting together the annual event “Paws for DART” to raises money for animal equipment and supplies, she has “done the research, attended training, met with subject matter experts and has come up with a professional program that is leading the way in our region.”

According to Phil, “Trish usually spends a few hours a week on ‘administration’ with the DART program all while working full time. Keeping up with members, keeping them up to date on events, trainings, meetings etc. The DART program meets regularly and often meets and trains with Greene County. She meets with Vets, animal shelters to update MOU’s and keep resource lists up to date. We’re not exactly sure how many hours she devotes to this…she tells us that she’s not in it for the recognition and documenting all the hours is not necessary. Along with her DART responsibilities, she is also active with CERT, FireCorps and Volunteers in Police Service. She is trained in Search and Rescue and responds with the department to missing / lost persons. She helps out VIPS with traffic control at special events all around the community, helps out with DWI checkpoints and various other VIPS activities.”

“The fact that she started this from nothing and made a good program out of it is enough to inspire others. Take something that you love, find a need or a gap that relates to that something that you love, and make it happen.”

As you can see, Trish logged many hours. Because of her hours and hard work Trish was named the Missouri Volunteer of the Year at the Show-Me Partnership conference in 2015. In September she became nationally recognized for her volunteer contributions to the Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) program in Christian County. In addition, Trish was named the Most Valuable CERT Volunteer at the National CERT conference. The CERT award is presented to a volunteer for outstanding contribution to their CERT program and community as an unpaid program manager, instructor, team leader or general volunteer.

Trish says she doesn’t volunteer for recognition or documenting all the hours. “It’s about doing community…” 

We want to thank Christian County Headliner for reporting on our pride and joy of Millstone Custom Homes and Renovations. Click here to learn more about how our own soft spoken, compassionate and understanding Trish Huelga in the Christian County Headliner article. Also, read her Nomination Letter from Phil Amtower.