Wall, Ceilings, Baseboards & Trim

What does a dryer sheet, a slice of bread and nylon stockings have to do with walls, ceilings and baseboards?

Your walls are often the forgotten areas of your home when it comes to care and maintenance. Millstone Custom Homes & Renovations has a few tips and tricks that can help them retain their beauty longer.


  • It is best to remove dust, dirt and cobwebs monthly by using a vacuum brush attachment. Suction along the length of baseboards and crevices where trim meets the floor, as well as any plaster or acoustic finishes on ceilings.
  • When cleaning painted surfaces, use a mild soap and water mixture as strong cleaners and abrasives may damage the paint. Avoid washing newly painted surfaces for approximately 90 days so that it can dry and set. Flat paints are often used on doors and trim and do not withstand as much scrubbing as enamel paint. Poor maintenance of painted areas could increase the long term maintenance cost and reduce the look of your home.
  • Normal shrinkage of wood in new construction could cause joints in woodwork to open, doors to stick and small cracks to appear around doorways. Although cracking is inevitable, it can be minimized by keeping room temperatures between 68 and 78 degrees for the first year. Patch small cracks using drywall putty, sand lightly if needed, prime and then paint. In the case of larger cracks it is recommended that you consult your professional builder or remodeler.


  • Rub a dryer sheet on your baseboards to keep the dust off for a few days. The anti-static properties will temporarily repel dust plus it give it that fresh laundry smell.
  • Use old nylon stocking to avoid annoying fragments that are often left behind with sponges or cloths when cleaning baseboards.
  • For soil stains and smears on your wallpaper, first brush off dirt and dust. Wad up a slice of white bread, not the crust – just the center of the bread, and use it as an eraser to rub off smears and gunk.

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