What is a Transitional Style Home?


Many describe the transitional style home as a marriage or meshing of traditional and contemporary, which makes it versatile, timeless and simply elegant. As the word itself indicates, the style is a transition allowing the classic look to be given a little zest or fresh look. Houzz describes it as, a sophisticated look hitting “the sweet spot between traditional elegance and contemporary cool.” Some go as far as to equate transitional to a balance of masculine and feminine and even say it is more of a mix of modern and traditional than it is contemporary and traditional.

Calling the transitional style eclectic might be a little drastic, but one can mix in a few select styles as long as it does not stray too far from the traditional/contemporary look. Beige and neutral colors along with warm wood tones, straight lines and classic curves are likely to be found in transitional style homes. All of this makes transitional a very forgiving style with lots of possibilities.

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