Wood Floor

Because of advances over the last few years, you now can have wood flooring anywhere in your home or business. However, where you want it installed will determine the types and finishes of wood flooring you should use. Consult your home builder or wood flooring supplier to learn about what type of wood flooring fits your needs as well as the appropriate floor care for your wood floor once installed.

Here are a few tips that will help your wood floor stay beautiful:

  • First, and most obvious, wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining. A small spill might not look like much, but it could cause a deep stain.
  • In the case of deep stains, or if you are considering refinishing your floor, consult your home builder or remodeler for recommendations. A professional service might be necessary.
  • Do not wet-mop your solid wood floor! Damp-mopping with a PH neutral cleaner is one option. Dip in bucket and wring almost dry. See manufacturers recommendation.
  • Wait for finish to cure before using a cleaner. Oil based polyurethane finish can take up to a month to cure while most water based finishes fully cure in 2 weeks.
  • Poor weather protection around exterior doors, plumbing leaks or other long term sources of moisture can permanently damage flooring.
  • Use area rugs to minimize excessive wear in areas of heavy traffic.
  • Do not drag heavy objects, such as furniture, across the floor without a pad.
  • Protector pads should be placed under all legs of all furniture at all times.

The value of your home and beauty of your floor can be reduced with improper maintenance resulting in damage or staining.

See some of Millstone Custom Homes’ wood floor photos in our portfolio.

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